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Reverse Chronological Order Has To Be

Because Has Been What Is Additionally Recent Seems To Be Better than What Was Before To a Specific Extent then Not.

This is to be Copies Of then SFTP Transfers Of Bundle File Folders then Links Into to Specific Index Pages of INTERNET Sites.

Technical Notes

July 10, 2016

There are PROBLEMS with this what are MANY Things Including … To have Microsoft Windows 10 MultiBoot with a Linux it was we decided to Install a BRAND NEW NoteBook with Linux of Ubuntu BECAUSE Linux of Debian DOES NOT Install MultiBoot with ANY other OS (Operating System) of SoftWare. Yet EnCoded USB Hard Drives and USB Thing Drives and Other Things Digital Sterage DO NOT of slightest DONE USING Linux of Debian open with Linux of Ubuntu (16.04 LTS 64 Bit amd64) NOW. Also IT SEEMS on OFF INTERNET NoteBook Computer NOW INSTALLED with Linux of Debian (8.5.0 64 Bit amd64) does NOT Fermat Things IT CANNOT DO Fermatting er HAS PROBLEMS WITH Doing Fermatting of USB Thumb Drives and PROBABLY Hard Disk Drives to fer sure TOO CANNOT EnCode! Therefore we would AVOID Linux of Debian 8.5.0 and TELL YOU IT DID Fermat and Encode and Other Things USB 3.0 and this 3 TB er TeraByte Hard Drives RECENTLY DID Linux of Debian 64 Bit amd64 of 8.2.0 and this what SEEMED to DO IT!

When trying a FAT32 USB Thumb Drive between these Linux it was there were LIMITATIONS of PATH LENGTH and FER SURE File Sizes and Other Things TOO MANY LIMITATIONS yet is PUSHED to have MAXIMUM OS Portability. It was NTFS somewhat werks between Linux yet this is Ted WORRIES AGAIN about Path Length PROBLEMS NOT shown with Linux to be a problem er it NOT indicating it.l It was Linux of Debian 8.5.0 CANNOT seem to fermat USB Thumb Drives and then is OUT TO LUNCH where when you have NO status of any fermatting you Pull Out Thumb Drive and it then seems to RUIN IT! When TRYING IT AGAIN IT DOES NOT indicate any fermatting where Ted WAS TRYING to FerMat using a Linux ext4 then FileSystem. It did NOT werk where then NO Linux of Debian 8.5.0 and er Ubuntu 16.04 LTS could even see USB Thumb Drive then in ANY File Manager. Also File Managers FER SURE Vary with some NOT having ANY Digital Sterage Device Fermatting Options.

Therefore these Folders were Copied to an NTFS USB 64 Bit Thumb Drive from a Linux of Debian 8.5.0 64 Bit to a then Linux of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS an OFF INTERNET NoteBook to an ON INTERNET NoteBook to SFTP to INTERNET Site into MultiGIgaBytesFolder fer a MegaSite. There were NOT Errs from ANY Linux COPYING TO and COPYING FROM where there seemed to be MANY Folders and Files and Things yet Ted HAS NOT been able to even verifty it enough due to this was FIGURED RECENTLY TO BE POSSIBLY YET ANOTHER INCOMPATIBILITY PROBLEM with OS between DIFFERENT OS to even OS where Linux of Ubuntu WEAS SUPPOSE TO BE DERIVED FROM Linux of Debian yet SEEMS AFTER FOERKED OFF are by now M UCH DIFFERENT wiqth NOT enough compatibility between Linux of Debian and Linux of Ubuntu NOW!

Ted THINKS Ted POSSIBLY NEEDS to DO IT AGAIN later with ALL Linux Digital Sterage in NON EnCoded File System of ext4 and this IF HAPPENS TO BE Compatibile Between these 2 DIFFERENT BY NOW Linux of Linux of Ubuntu fer ON INTERNET and Linux ofd Debian fer OFF INTERNET currently er use Another NoteBook Commputer fer ON INTERNET with Linux of Debian er Live Boot OS er SomeThings Tlse then TRY to DO AGAIN SFTP with ReSume.

We HELPING Ted with this now SEE HOW MANY TECHNICAL THINGS NEED TO BE DONE to even maintain Linux of Debian where we NOW STRONGLY RECOMMEND to AVOID COMPLETELY Linux of Debian 8.5.0 and USE IF USING IT 8.1.0 to 8.2.0 and these releases.

There are still MANY PROBLEMS with Linux Different Linux NOW and ALL OS and ALL SoftWare NOW In and On and Around WEVILD Earth and FER SURE WHAT Ted USES HAPPENS TO BE WERST TARGETTING SPIRITUALLY and to PHYSICALLY ALSO!

There are Many Other Things To Tell Yet Ted THINKS Ted CANNOT LOGISITALLY NOW Purchase Additional NoteBook Computers to Stage It NOW! Therefore Ted intends to continue this how happens to be with an NTFS 64 GB Thumb Drive and TRY to figure out if can in Sterage can find a USB Hard Drive what Ted DOES HAVE SomeWhere Fermatted in ext4 Linux File System what SEEMS to WERK BETWEEN Linux of Debian and Ubuntu NOW. Then SFTP Transfer AGAIN with ReSume therefere IF Same File and Same Size and Seems To Be Same Thing DO NOT SFTP Tranfer Again Skip It.

July 11, 2016

Ted UNDERSTANDS IT and PLANS to later AGAIN SFTP Transfer to INTERNET from then to Linux NoteBook Computers in Linux ext 4 File Systems using USB 3.0 IF CAN PURCHASE Thumb Drives where ALL Other Thumb Drives Ted HAS are NOW EnCoded WHAT DO NOT function with Linux of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS were COMPLETELY HAVING FERMAT DONE ENCODING TOO Using a Linux of Debian 8.2.0 er 8.1.0 er Eariler Linux of Debian what With Linux of Debian SEEM TO WERK and With Linux of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64 Bit amd64 DO NOT werk. This IS TO BE an SFTP Transfer ReSume USING FTP Tool FileZilla TOO Open Source Code.

Ted is NOT STUPID! Ted happens to UNDERSTAND MANY Things Technical and FINDS MANY Bugs NEVER writes about UNDERSTANDING a Feature Flaw er Could Be Enhanced Like This to Bug Many Bugs there are So Many Bugs NOW in MAXIMUM COMMERCIAL to MAXIMUM OPEN SOURCE to MAXIMUM PUBLIC DOMAIN SoftWare and FER SURE Ted SEEMS TO FIND IT!

WHY? Ted HAS SPECIFIC DEMANDING REQUIREMENTS TRYING TO CARRY FERWARD into FUTURE THOUSANDS OF YEARS Scriptures And Infermations and Other Things WHERE SEEMS WAS WERST TARGETTING DONE TO In Software FROM MAXIMUM COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE PRO and Other Things Called to NOT open source code enough er With Free Binary Releases with NO Source Code to Open Source And With Content And Other Things Open Enough to OPEN SOURCE to PUBLIC DOMAIN SOURCE with NO NONE of slightest License to Legal Strings Attached to Terma and er Conditions and er called Agreements and Typically Now Called License Fer IT IS HAPPENS TO BE WAS IS NOW CONTINUES TO BE Ted HAS SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS to Carry It FerWard Into Future!

Too Because of Many Reasons THERE ARE Gaps In Scriptures And Infermations and Other Things NOW where Ted CAN FIND NO copies DUE to MANY Reasons Including SO MANY PROBLEMS Ted HAS HAD During Coming INCLUDING HIT ROBBERY RUN of All Things Ted Had With Then In a Bike Trailer PACKED FULL and BIKE and THAT where Ted survived it with MUCH INJURY to PERMANENT BY NOW INJURY!

Ted HAPPENS TO BE DOING IT NOW and INTENDS later to AGAIN SFTP with ReSume later after to USB Thumb Drives in Linux ext4 File Systems er from a USB 3.0 Ultra Portable Hard Drive NOT EnCoded therefore HOPEFULLY has Portability Between Linux of Debian of 8.2.0 NOT 8.5.0 and Ubuntu. 16.04 LTS Both 64 Bit amd64 in near future. If not TRY to OBTAIN Bundle Files BECAUSE Ted HAPPENS TO BE HAVING MANY PROBLEMS doing SFTP Transfers To Load a PREMIUM SERVER with Increments to INTERNET Site and FER SURE WITH Bundle Files and WITHOUT ANY DOUBTS MultiGigaSite! Therefore IF THEN IT IS TO BE Linux ext4 to Linux ext4 NO EnCoding to an EnCoded Hard Drive what call it Encryption WHERE Ted DID NOT and CONTINUES TO NOT to use EnCryption Ted USES EnCoding and EnCoded and EnCodes DOES NOT EnCrypt (ETIOLOGY of EnCrypt and EnCryption and Other Uses of HAPPENS TO BE EVIL!) ANYTHING!

July 12, 2016

Ted HAS BEEN TRYING to DO Other TECHNICAL Things and has been having MANY PROBLEMS!

July 13, 2016

Ted has finally figured out HOW to FerMat 2 USB Thumb Drives to Linux ext3/ext4 File System NOT NTFS File System. This DID NOT STILL SEEM to be possible with a Linux of Debian 8.5.0 where IT DID WERK with 8.1.0 then too 8.2.0 and this yet NOT with 8.5.0 and this SEEMS TO BE HAVING MANY PROBLEMS MANY BUGS TOO UNSTABLE Linux of Debian 8.5.0 64 Bit amd64 therefore due to that it is Ted happens NOT to be even trying to COLLECT ALL Open Source Code To It. This was DONE USING Linux of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Long Term Suppert) and this. Therefore Ted NEEDS TO and INTENDS TO and HAPPENS TO BE PLANNING to AGAIN COPY from an EnCoded USB 3.0 a 3 TB er TeraByte Hard Drive Phase 3 Of Coming Folders fer Bundle Files and Phase 2 Of Coming Folders fer Bundle Files then SFTP ReSume. Where at Ipage FTP and SFTP ReSume NEVER werked and were INSISTING FIXED IT then Closed Suppert Tickets and NEVER fixed it where at NetWerk Solutions FTP and SFTP ReSume DID WERK RELIABLY!

It actually COULD BE a HardWare Problem where USB Thumb Drive of 64 GB happens to have indications there is activity on Light Seems To Be Broken er Burned Out and what Does Not Werk. Therefore when POSSIBLY Fermatting it did NOT indicate was. Ted TOO NEEDS to Check It later Too. Ted HAPPENS TO BE NOW TO COPYING Phase 3 Of Coming Extrations of Bundle Files to Folders these Folders what SEEMS TO BE DOING IT and HAPPENS TO BE SLOW where then Ted INTENDS to SFTP to MultiGigaSite.


You see there are File Managers what Can Do Fermatting of Digital Sterage and Some What Cannot where even if doing Fermatting DO NOT of slightest indicate progress and er even if doing it ANY status what IF NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS TO BE a LACK of a FEATURE er FUNCTIONALITY NEEDED BIG DESIGN PROBLEM er BIG FLAW er BIG BUG!

Therefore BECAUSE IT WAS a HARDWARE PROBLEM with a 64 GB USB 2.0 Thumb Drive and THAT IT WAS Ted and Others Spiritually InSide Of Ted DID THINK IT was OUT TO LUNCH NOT of slightest fermatting it WHEN PROBABLY WAS.


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